Leadership & Resilience

Module 11 - One Last Exercise To Bring It All Home

Congratulations! The exercises in this course are not for the faint of heart. Most people are unwilling to become as introspective and honest with themselves as you have done here. Bravo! And thank you!

On this journey you have taken several inventories exploring your wants, your fears, and what you value. You have developed the skill (habit) to question your thoughts and perceptions to see if something might be “truer” then your first take. You have learned how to set your feet, shore up your resolve, and communicate what formerly went unsaid.

My goal for you, besides offering some useful tools, is that you now have a better understanding of yourself, what brings you life, and where you want to place your energy and attention.

Armed with all this new knowledge and insight, it’s time to retake your Fearless Self Evaluation.
Notice the shifts. Notice the clarity.

As you conclude this program:

  • Use your new tools to create your life, by using your time, attention and energy to create what is actually important to you.

  • Use your inventories, self knowledge and insights as a baseline to continue the journey of discovery..

  • Self Mastery is a lifelong endeavor. Revisit. Refine. Always inquire. Question reality’s first pass and find out what might be more true.

  • And if you’d like, please let me know how I can help you continue the journey.

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Congratulations on completing the course!

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