Leadership & Resilience


I appreciate, more than you know, you're trusting me with your time and attention.

I use the tools in this course in my own life and to help my 1-2-1 clients.

In order to get maximum value, you’ll need to:

  • Complete all the exercises and use the worksheets

  • Get and keep a journal of your experience and insights

  • Ask questions when you have them mark@markjsilverman.com


1: A Fearless Self Evaluation

2: Cultivating Self Knowledge

3: Finding Your Best Self (Shifting Your “State”)

4: Working With “Thoughts”

5: Freedom From Resentment

6: Six Questions To Foster Ultimate Resilience

7: Energy Mastery

8: Mastering The “Difficult Conversation”

9: Creating Strong Agreements

10: Developing Your Inner Compass

11: Bring It All Home

BONUS 1: Resilience Rocket Fuel

BONUS 2: A New Way to look at the Burden of Responsibility