The Mastering Midlife Master Circle

Results You’ll Get

  • Tap into potential and vision worthy of giving it all you have

  • Translate your current success into all areas of your lives - Relationship, Health, Spirit and Well Being.

  • Create a level of connection and support unmatched in the regular world

  • Increase fulfillment, satisfaction and experience facets of life you didn’t know existed. 

  • Start that business. Get that promotion. Grow into your leadership. Awaken a long dormant passion.

  • Make friendships and connections that will last a lifetime.

How It Works

6 Pillars | 6 Team Members | 6 Months

Your Trajectory: SET

• 12 x Mastermind/Group Live Online Sessions

• Private Facebook Group for Support and Accountability

• Access to my Resource Library

• Special Guest Expert Moderators

Master The Six Pillars of Sustainable Success

🏛 Service/Give Back


🏛 Legacy

🏛 Business/Success/Leadership

🏛 Health/Spirit/Wellbeing

🏛 Relationship/Connection/Community


If we haven’t met yet…

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Hi! I’m Mark,

I’m a hi-tech sales executive turned executive coach
These days, I’m also a ‘Speaker’, a best-selling author, a podcaster!

Before I started helping clients through coaching, I sold over 90 million dollars worth of products, worked at the industries fastest growing startups and led teams through multi million dollar complex sales.

Big money in, big money out.

Unsustainable pressures (in all areas of my life).

Here’s what I know from my own experience and in talking with 100’s of business leaders over the last two decades.

There is a cost to being in the 1%. That cost is often worn as a badge of honor.

The stress, the business, the toll it takes on our families, our health and our quality of life can be hidden by the toys, vacations and the excitement, but only for a while.

At some point, the drives and motivations that got us here run out of steam and need to be replaced by something new. And that is the good news.

The good news is we have experience. We have perspective. And we have maturity.

These well earned assets, together with expert guidance and a team of people as committed to your goals as you are change the game.

You are no longer competing on the same playing field, by the same rules.

You will elevate and think “outside the box.”

Your success will become sustainable with the new tools and support. Your ability to create at higher and higher levels will become a byproduct of your new clarity, energy and focus.

Being in the 1%, climbing the ladder, and creating incredible impact does not need to come at the cost we’ve come to associate it with.

If all of this resonates, please, take some time to apply to join ‘The Mastering Midlife Circle’, and lets explore together, a new way to even greater success and your fulfillment.



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The Mastering Midlife Master Circle